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Be careful of Ludhiana Roads; They can cave-in at anytime



Yesterday, the third incident of road caving in and creating a large, deep hole came into the limelight when an SUV suffered the loss. Happened in Deep Nagar, Ludhiana, the road caved and a large pothole of 10 ft deep and 13 ft wide sprouted which created havoc in the area. As per the information, an SUV’s front tyre got stuck in the hole and was taken out with the help of a crane.

The incident took place outside Mayor Balkar Sandhu’s old residence which immediately invited the crowd. Raged by the mishap and negligence of MC and the councillor of the area, the residents protested and even thrashed the councillor.

At the location, the road caved in around 3:30 pm and MC official reached quickly. The MC operation and maintenance cell SDO Anshu Garcha confirmed that the crater is deep. and they are filling it up using sand. He added: “It seems rains settled down the sand under the road, making it subside. Besides, two leakages were also discovered in sewerage pipelines. Leakages are also considered the cause behind the pothole which may have weakened the road while laying underground cables.”

We have covered the damaged part of the road with sand. It will be fixed soon.” MC Officials assured the residents. Mayor’s cousin who is residing in the house shared that it took almost half-an-hour to bring the car out of the pothole and all other vehicles were diverted to adjoining lanes.

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