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Ludhiana City News

Breaking News – Ludhiana city transforms into Ludhiana River



The entire city comes to a halt. Tuesday morning brought to city heavy rainfall for the first
few hours. And what does a common citizen get? Floating cars, sunken two-wheelers, large
swimming pools on every corner of the streets.
Rain made it difficult to step out of the homes, literally! Many people were stuck at their
homes and the ones who got out what do they get?
Frist, they realise they shouldn’t have come out.
Second, they realise they should buy an inflatable boat for monsoons.
Third, now that they cannot do anything so they convert their cars into boats. While those on
two wheelers pray to god all through the way.
Entire Ludhiana was transformed into a river with water logged in Chaura Bazar, Sunder
Nagar, Dugri, Samrala Chowk, Cheema Chowk amongst other areas. People had to spend
hours to reach their workplaces and heavy traffic jam has now become a common sight after
every rain.