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Breaking News: Alternative land for Muslims; Ramjanam Bhoomi belongs to Hindus



The Supreme Court has finally given the verdict on long-standing Ramjanam Bhoomi – Babri Masjid case. As per the ruling, the Supreme Court has announced that Ramjanam Bhoomi belongs to Hindus relying on the architectural report and other evidences and Ram Mandir’s construction will begin in three months. On the other hand, Muslims will be allotted Alternative land of 5 acres for their mosque in Ayodhya only.

Section 144 of CrPC has been imposed in Ayodhya, J&K, Mumbai and other places to maintain peace post the verdict.

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Get an FIR for pasting ads on school walls



Considering the problem of pasting advertisements, the Education Department has issued a notice stating that if anybody found will get an FIR. As per the sources, a letter has been issued to every education officer (EOs) and all the school heads of the state. They are authorized to keep a check on the schools and provide a list of those caught violating the Punjab Defacement and Violation Act in their respective districts.

It is stated that an FIR will be lodged against the school at the police station concerned in this connection. The main reason behind this is to stop the movement of vulgar advertisements and maintain the decorum of an educational institution.

Giving a green signal to the step taken by the Education Department Gurcharan Singh, a retired government teacher, said: “The step taken is in the right direction and should be implemented in true spirit. Generally, nobody checks so advertisers feel free to paste advertisements on school walls. With school heads getting letters from the Secretary (Education), hopefully, they will pay attention to this issue. They will lodge an FIR against existing advertisements. They will also check further pasting of advertisements.”

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Garbage Dumps at Malhar Road, Wake up Authorities!



garbage dump at malhar road ludhiana

Malhar Road is one of the prominent roads of Ludhiana. It connects some of the most posh areas of the city such as Sarabha Nagar. But even one of the most busy roads of the city can not keep itself away from the stench of open garbage dumps. Malhar Road is traveled by all walks of life everyday. But such garbage dumps are not only is a huge inconvenience to the residents but also gives a very bad impression to the city.

Ludhiana is a ‘Smart City’ with one MP and also a Cabinet Minister who belong to the Ruling Party. But still it seems like the cleanliness and hygiene of the city is not on their agenda of maintenance of a Smart City. The timeline of 2020-2021 when Ludhiana is supposed to be a Smart City of the country is approaching in few months. But inaction of the authorities on such basic facilities can impact this goal. Proper Garbage disposal is one of the first critical steps to a healthy lifestyle of the people. It also plays an integral role in controlling the outbreak of diseases every year.

We would like to bring this issue into the notice of the authorities. We urge them to take steps in order to improve this situation to the earliest.

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Ugly Side of Ludhiana – Checkout Sidhwan Canal



Malls, Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants, Bridges and what not! Often people get mesmerized by the glamourous side of Ludhiana and fall deep into its sham. But, as soon as you get a reality check of Ludhiana, only one question comes to mind – Is Ludhiana progressing or simply regressing with a thought of improvement?

On one side, you see multiplexes and malls making the city beautiful and then the other side represents – Buddha Nullah, Dumping yards, Broken Roads and the infamous Sidhwan Canal. Are you aware of the current condition of the Sidhwan Canal?

Being the only canal in Ludhiana, the dream was to make the city beautiful with a canal and green belt alongside. However, the reality was alarming and disheartening. The canal is not only dry but is also full of plastic waste, bottles, and garbage. As soon as the irrigation department stopped the water flow, the city residents saw the filthier side of the canal which was horrible.

Not only this, the rag pickers were seen picking up items from the garbage. There was a foul smell and at some places, the stagnant water has turned black. Almost 13-14-km stretch of the canal falls under MC limits and as per the irrigation department, the problem is severe in the city limits. When asked the MC Officials about the disastrous condition, the body blamed the residents saying “Sidhwan is dirty as people through garbage and religious items in the canal.” They also claimed that the civic body has already cleaned a 7-km area and has taken out a truckload of garbage from the canal.

However, the city residents question MC’s responsibilities and accuse them of their negligence. One of the residents said: “It is very unfortunate that the green belt is being turned into a dumping ground once again. Such kind of nuisance should be stopped. Our city is known as one of the most polluted cities. When it is a green belt, why it is in a shambles? The civic body should develop this green belt at the earliest.”

Is blaming each other really the solution? Will we ever see Sidhwan clean?

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