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BJP chief JP Nadda’s team to get younger players



The Bharatiya Janata Party’s new national team of office bearers expected be announced soon will see more younger representatives, said persons aware of the details.

A senior functionary privy to the details said just as the average age of officer bearers including presidents at the 700 plus districts is under 50; the new team that will assist BJP president JP Nadda is also expected to have the same age median.

The new national office bearers team and team will have a mix of the new and the experienced and though it is not confirmed if younger, less experienced faces will make it to the party’s decision making body, the Parliamentary Board and the National Executive Committee.

In 2017the party leadership took the decision of grooming younger leaders to take charge. “Since then the officials who were appointed at the district and the state level have been in the age group of 4-50. A cut off age of 75 years was already announced for contesting elections or appointments to posts,” the functionary quoted above said.

Citing examples, the functionary said the average age of functionaries in Uttar Pradesh is between 40 and 45; while in Bihar, the average age of the district presidents is 45.

“There is a concerted move to give younger people more responsibility and offer them the chance to gather experience in administrative processes,” a second functionary said.

The party will also stick to its practice of inducting 33% women in the office bearers panel. In 2010, the party had amended its constitution to ensure more representation foe women in party positions.


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