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Big Boss 13: Ex-girlfriend files complaint against contestant Arhaan Khan



Wild Card Entry Arhaan Khan’s alleged ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanua has filed a complaint against him. She said that she and Arhaan were in a long term live-in relationship when he was jobless. Amrita said that Arhaan has borrowed Rs 5 Lakh in two halves from her and hasn’t returned even a single penny.

She informed that she has filed a complained against him at Oshiwara police station for not returning the money. She said: “I asked Arhaan to return the money that he borrowed from me while we were in a five-year live-in relationship (2006-2010). When I saw him on Bigg Boss, I tried to reach out to him through the media but he clearly refused and said that he doesn’t know me. That’s why I had to approach the police. I have written that he hasn’t returned the money and had also promised me marriage. He was new to Mumbai, from that time we were in a relationship. He took me to his place in Jaipur and met his family. I never ever imagined that he will vanish after five years of relationship. It feels disgusted and it means he was just using me. I loved him but it was a trap from his side. History is repeating with Rashami.” 

Currently, Arhaan is seen romancing with Rashmi Desai in Big Boss. The police have lodged a complaint against the contestant in a fraud case.

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