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‘Besan ki Barfi’ a success story of 94 years old grandma



'Besan ki Barfi' a success story of 94 years old grandma'

A 99-years-old grandma’ Harbhajan Kaur from Chandigarh has proved that there is no age limit for achieving your dreams. Four years back, one day when Harbhajan was sitting with her daughter,  Raveena Suri, talking about life. During their conversation, Raveena asked her mother if she had any regrets, to which the mother replied, “I had a fulfilling life, but my only regret is that I never earned any money on my own. I wish I had.”

This conversation ended here for Harbhajan but it beginning for her daughter. She tried her hundred percent to erase her mother’s regret so she decided to start an entrepreneurial venture for her mother. Specializing in making besan barfi and various kinds of pickles–this Chandigarh venture, has grown from strength to strength.

On Harbhajan’s first shopkeeping experience Raveena shares, “She first set shop at a local organic market on her own, She sat there, interacted with the customers, and came home with Rs 2,000 which was her first ‘own’ earnings.” Soon, she started getting orders, on a daily basis she makes 5-10 kg barfi. The price of 1 kg of Barfi is RS.850. Despite this, Harbhajan’s granddaughter helps her in packing and branding. Her tag line is- Bachpan yaad aajayegi (You will remember your childhood)

Apart from this Raveena told another heart-warming tale, Raveena says, “Two months ago, my daughter got married and she wanted the wedding invitations to be sent with the sweets that her Nani [Harbhajan] made. She did not want any sweets from the market and preferred that they all be handmade by her Nani. It was a lovely feeling for everyone to get those treats.” Remarkably, Harbhajan made 200 kg of barfi for her granddaughter’s wedding.

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