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Ayurveda Practices which can transform you inside and out



Eating Junk Food, Working 9-6, and then passing out late at night is the daily ritual of a millennial who is living a chilled-out life. Caring about your health has become the last choice whereas satisfying those cravings is of utmost importance. No matter what, leading this exhausting lifestyle will eventually show the results that may vary from pimpled skin to dark circles to fatigue to a body full of pains. If you want to keep yourself protected from outside pains and stresses, then Ayurveda is the sure-bet solution. Following 5 rules of Ayurveda can help you detox your body, improve your lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

Here are the top 5 practices of Ayurveda you need to adopt:

Eat Green and Clean

No matter how delicious and appetizing junk food may sound, but it is harmful and toxic in the long run. If you wish to move towards a better lifestyle then opt for green food options like raw salads, leafy vegetables, cooked or roasted veggies etc. Also, don’t forget to go clean along with green to help your body get nourished and toxic-free.

Exercise on a daily basis

A sedentary lifestyle harms the body severely. It can make you obese, your body muscles weak and your overall body exhausted. To avoid catching diseases early in your life it is important to keep the body moving. Exercise daily for minimum thirty minutes to one hour so that your body releases excessive stress and keeps the body healthy and going.

Drink Room Temperature Water

It is no doubt that icy-cold water soothes you from inside during summers and warm water relaxes the body in winters. Drinking lukewarm water every day is the best choice but if you have a habit of drinking cold water then you may be destroying your body with your own hands. Ayurveda says drink 8-10 glasses of water every day which is normal, not very cold and not very warm, and it will reward you after your thirties. Drink room temperature water also cleanses your system and glorifies your skin.

Consume Warm Food

In ancient times, Indians used to prepare food just before 30 minutes of its consumption and those people lived a long life. According to Ayurveda, switching from cold milk and cereal to warm and light food aids your digestion and saves the body from using extra ounces of energy. So, next time you feel like having cold flavoured milk, re-think and switch to warm and hot options that are easy to digest.

Adopt plant-based diet

Going vegan is a trend nowadays in India as well as overseas. Well, it has a reason, people who are moving from an animal-based diet to plant-based diet are improvising their lifestyle and moving towards better. A plant-based diet includes grains, vegetables, and anything else that is procured from plants which is lighter than the animal-based diet and easy for the stomach.  Appropriately designed vegetarian meal plans can be healthy, nutritionally adequate, and even help in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases, says Ayurveda.


So, are you ready to adopt these 5 simple rules? Take a month and try these rules religiously and you will see the difference!

Author at Ludhiana Live Media. Her work combine elements of magic realism, satire and historical fiction – Based in Ludhiana and India.