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Ludhiana City News

August rainfall breaks five year record of Ludhiana



On Tuesday, with 138mm rainfall in the first two weeks of August, Ludhiana has set another
record breaking its five-year record. As per the sources, Tuesday was recorded as the day of
highest rainfall in a fortnight.

As per the predictions 194mm rainfall is considered normal in August out of which 75% of the
target has already been achieved within 15 days. In 2013, the highest rainfall was recorded to
be 205mm in Ludhiana, after which, 2019 may break the record.
The Met department of PAU stated that 204mm rainfall was recorded in July, however, June
remain deficient with only 35mm rainfall. Prabhjyot Kaur Sidhu, head of climate change and
agricultural methodology department is expecting good returns from August.