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Amidst floods, residents wake up to the sound of hissing as reptiles enter houses



If floods weren’t enough in the villages of Punjab, the residents are facing the
problem of reptiles entering their homes. As the water level recedes, the reptiles who
become homeless find their way into the houses of the residents.

Sometimes it is snakes while other times it is monitor lizards which enter the homes
and residents wake up to the sound of hissing in the middle of the night.
The areas in which monitor lizards have been spotted are Ladhowal–Hambra link
roads and at Buddha Nullah near Malakpur Bet – Bolewal Jadid village and Rajapur

During the rainy season, the homes of reptiles like snakes and monitor lizards get
washed away in the rain which makes them search for new places.
If you have a similar problem you may contact the District Forest Officer: 0161 255
0089. Address: H-J-693, New Professor Colony, Ludhiana, Punjab 141012.