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Algae based air purifier has been developed by student researchers in Punjab



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A team of student researchers from Punjab have developed an algae-based air purifier. The purifier will not only neutralize 98 percent of the harmful gasses and particulate matter in the air but will also increase the amount of oxygen making indoors more breathable.

The researchers at Lovely Professional University and Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali, have filed for the patent and are now in discussion with industry experts for its commercialization. Naveen Luthra, head of the division of start-up at Lovely Professional University said, “The powerful air purifier applies a completely new technology than what is used by the existing air purifiers in the market. The device, which uses an in-built container filled with marine algae, decontaminates the indoor air and effectively removes toxic industrial gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides with an impeccable success rate of over 98 pc and further infuses oxygen in the filtered air.”

He further added that “This innovative air purifier produces biomass as the by-product of the photosynthesis process which can further be sold to industries like bio development products, FMCG and pharmaceuticals for producing energy.”

The team was led by A Sunila Patil, assistant professor at IISER, Mohali. It included B-Tech students Anant Kumar Rajput and Deepak Deb. The team has also developed a working prototype of the product and successfully conducted trials.

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