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Airbus launches plane based on ‘Bird of Prey’ concept



European aircraft manufacturer Airbus have introduced a clever design of aircraft
which has been inspired by natural features of eagles, hawks and other bird
predators. This aircraft’s concept is called "Bird of Prey" concept which was unveiled
by Liam Fox, UK Secretary of State for International Trade, at the Royal International
Air Tattoo air show.

He further wrote on Twitter:

“Delighted to support the launch of the fantastic new @Airbus Bird of Prey concept
airliner at the Royal International @AirTattoo show today. The is a world-leader in
engineering #innovation, with UK aerospace industry exports totalling £34.2bn in
2018. #EngineeringisGREAT”

A statement issued by Airbus says, "Inspired by efficient mechanics of a bird, it has
wing and tail structures that mimic those of a bird of prey, while featuring individually
controlled feathers that provide active flight control.”

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