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Air India pilot harrased at Madrid Airport; Asked to remove turban



For a Sikh – their turban is their identity and their Shaan. In a yet another racist act, the authorities at Madrid Airport forced a Sikh pilot of Air India to remove his turban. The victim is identified as Simran Gujral who stated that this treatment happens with the Sikhs normally at Madrid Airport and nowhere else.

The incident came in the limelight of Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee president, who took the Twitter to address the matter.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa’s tweet:

He requested the External Affairs Minister to look into the matter:

Post the incident and tweets, the netizens wholeheartedly supported the pilot, leader and asked the government to take action against the Madrid authorities. Action from the authorities is awaited.

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