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Aadhaar authentications hit new high in April, May



Aadhaar-based authentications touched a record high in April and May, topping 120 crore this month, as the government rolled out direct benefits to people using the Aadhaar platform under the PM Garib Kalyan Package (PMGKP). However, fresh enrolment were low in April and May due to the lockdown. As per details, Aadhaar-based authentications stood at 118 crore in April and 120.1 crore this month till May 30, which was the highest figure recorded so far in any month since the Modi government started its second term last June.

“This shows the big success of delivery of PMGKP on the ground during the lockdown and a record number of people benefitting from monetary help directly in their bank accounts using Aadhaar. Rolling out such a big package directly to people without a hitch would not have been possible without the Aadhaar and DBT framework which have been in place,” a top government official said.

Aadhaar authentications stood at 104 crore in January, 72 crore last December, and 81 crore last June. Aadhaar authentications imply the number of times an Aadhaar number is used to authenticate a beneficiary’s identity before money is electronically transferred into his/her bank account. The 120.1 crore figure for May would include multiple benefits received by one individual. PM Modi in his address to the nation on May 12 had said: “Who could have thought that money sent by government will reach the pockets of poor farmers directly? But it has happened. That also happened when all the government offices were closed; the means of transport were shut down.”

Source :economictimes

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