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A real picture of Ludhiana’s Drug Capital



Situated in Koom Kalan area, Chaunta village is the drug capital of Ludhiana. Numerous families in this village have lost their loved ones to drug addiction. People here want the government to start zero-tolerance policy against the drug dealers who are destroying families and generations. Families left behind say that government’s efforts towards drug eradication aren’t bringing much relief.

Parmjit Kaur, a 40-year-old widow and her 15-year-old son are still collecting pieces of their broken life after losing a husband, a father to drug addiction. Parmjit now wishes to send her child abroad, away from all the notorious environment prevalent in their village.

Another family in the neighbourhood – Harmanjot, 19, his sister, 21, and his 80-year-old grandmother have lost 2 members. Harmanjot’s father and mother both died due to heroin addiction. Their grandmother suffered from paralysis and is bed-ridden.

Families of victims are suffering long after they have left. Drug addiction not only destroys an individual’s life but breaks families.


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