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700 criminals out on bail will have to mark their attendance daily



Criminals released on regular bail will now be under the scanner of Ludhiana police. They will be required to mark their attendance daily at their local police station. There are 700 such criminals in the city. They will be required to mark their attendance daily. Biometric systems will be installed at 28 police stations in the city.

Police Commissioner Rakesh Agrawal launched this initiative after the city police conducted a study on the accused who get involved in criminal activities after coming out on bail. The study revealed that most criminals commit the same crime after coming out on bail.

Rakesh Agrawal said that they have identified as many as 700 criminals who are facing cases of snatching, theft, peddling, murder and other crimes. He further said, “These criminals are habitual of committing the same crime even after coming out of prison on bail. Hence, to keep a tab on these criminals, biometric systems will be installed.”

He further informed that the criminals will not be allowed to talk to any police personnel. “He will just mark the attendance and leave the station.”

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