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5 reasons why your child should be involved in creative activities and performing arts



While our education system greatly emphasis on academic development, performing
arts are equally important. Dance, drama, art, music and craft are an integral part of
the child’s holistic development. Performing arts have a number of benefits, some of
which are:

1. New ways of thinking – Performing Art provide children with opportunities to
experience new ways of thinking.

2. Reduced stress and anxiety – According to research, cortisol which creates
stress is reduced if children involve themselves in creative activities. They feel
calmer and more relaxed.

3. More empathic –It helps children to understand other’s perspective and be
more understanding to their perspectives.

4. Reduced risk of mental disorders – One in every ten children are being
diagnosed with mental health disorders and as per research engaging in
performing arts greatly reduces this risk.

5. Better relationships – It also helps students to build better relationships with
each other and teachers.

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